The “Emergent Mind of City (EMC)” project is about cities’ virtual mind visualization through connecting the micro bio information structure like neuron and the macro social information networks (Google & Naver News, Twitter, Youtube). This project has been inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s “City of Water, Design of City as an organism.” Looking at the disastrous scenes of the citizens suffering from epidemics in the unsanitary European cities at his time, Leonardo envisioned an organic city that embodies the concept of hygiene. In the EMC project, we look at the contemporary city in a data-flow, instead of Leonardo’s water-flow city design. In the human body, afferent and efferent neural transmissions among nerves enable various organs to work as one inter-connected organism. If the city is viewed as a human body, the neural transmissions can be likened to the data flow of our time. EMC specifically focuses on three flows of “Fringe” data: ‘event,’ ‘feeling,’ and ‘appearance’ data. When perspectives and meanings are projected and focused on an event, ‘News-Network’ emerges; on a feeling, ‘Emotion-Network’; and on an appearance, ‘Image-Network’.

Art Paper and Book

BirdMan: Hybrid Perception

Artist Statements for EMC (Emergent Mind of City) & Qualia Landscapes:  Qualia_Landscapes_and_EMC_Artist_Statement_2013_8_26.pdf

Perceiving of Perception (Jeong Han Kim’ s Art Book 2002-2009) pdf : Kim_JeongHan-ArtBook-2002-2009






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